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What remains in turbulent, fast-moving, and uncertain times? Music, art, good stories, the sound of the forest, the morning sunrise in the mountains, the jubilant birdsong and always welcome: a cup of deliciously fragrant, hot coffee!

With ’early music bird’ we take you into the enchanted world of daybreak, want to inspire, strengthen, encourage, and enchant you. With world premiere recordings of Early & New Music and a 192-page book full of inspirations.

Mezzosoprano Maria Weiss & Luca Pianca with 1607. ensemble for early & new music with new album „early music bird. early new music “ – Release on 01.06.2022

early music bird. alte neue musik

with works of early and new music u.a. Hildegard von Bingen, Johann Philipp Krieger, Antonio Vivaldi

including 5 World Premiere Recordings of Early Music among others by Francesco Gasparini, Jean Philippe Rameau

2 World Premiere Recordings of New Music by Wolfgang Mitterer

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Every night, no matter how dark, is followed by a morning: This joyful message of nature is the musical and visual theme of the concept album early music bird. early new music. 

After the multi-award-winning album favola in musica. early new music (including the Ö1 Pasticcio Prize), Maria Weiss and the 1607. ensemble with Luca Pianca (lute) and Wolfgang Mitterer (electronics, 2 commissioned works) take us into the enchanted world of a sunny morning on her second solo album. With 7 world premiere recordings of early and new music, recorded in a mountain church at 1059m altitude with special acoustics and a 192-page booklet, this album will be released on 01 June – in a deluxe edition as a hardcover in half-linen binding with gold embossing, thread stitching, headband and a woven ribbon bookmark in separate German and English editions. 

The booklet, designed like a fairy tale book, contains musicological texts to all musical works, accompanied by a photographic journey through the south of Austria to enchanted places, biographical information on all participants, an exclusive interview with Luca Pianca and Wolfgang Mitterer, and, in keeping with the morning and Bach’s ‘Coffee Aria’: 1 coffee and 1 breakfast recipe. Music for all senses. 

Early ‘New’ Music: Never heard by modern ears.
New ‘Early’ Music: Contemporary works inspired by old masters. 

Musically, the album is dedicated to seeking the old in the new and the new in the old. The year 1607 gives meaning and name to the ensemble and all its projects: The performance of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo in 1607 in the Sala dei Fiumi at the Ducal Palace in Mantua went down in music history. Like a key unlocking a door, this work opened up new musical worlds. Here, the long-established prima pratica and the modern seconda pratica are brought to perfection. Tradition and revolution unite in one of history’s pivotal moments.


  • 6 works of early music
  • 5 world premiere recordings of early music (digged up from the archives)
  • 2 world premiere recordings of contemporary music ‘inspired by early masters’ composed Wolfgang Mitterer, especially commissioned for early music bird
  • Recorded in a mountain church on top of 1059m above sea level with special acoustics
  • Total length 67’26 minutes
  • CD inserted in the hardcover book on a sponge rubber
  • Made in Austria (pressing & printing, paper, linen, etc.)


  • Separate edition in German and English
  • 192 pages, dimensions 20 x 16 cm
  • Hard-cover, thread-stitching, half-linen bound, head band, ribbon bookmark
  • Front cover and back embossed in gold
  • High-quality coated paper with high volume and special haptic (150 g/qm Magno Volume)
  • Printed in Austria, paper and linen from Austria (Sustainability certificates see “Who is behind the project”)
  • Musicologically well founded, excitingly narrated texts to all musical works
  • All arias texts in the original, in German or English
  • Elaborately designed graphics, layout and lovely illustrations by BUREAU F
  • A photographic journey through time and space through the South of Austria (Carinthia) complemented by a charmingly illustrated map of Carinthia (where the places are marked, that appear in the photos)
  • Historically sound texts about the location (Mountain Church) and an enchanted castle in Carinthia
  • Numerous photographs of the ensemble and the musicians of Carmen & Ingo Photography and Theresa Pewal
  • Biographies of all participating artists, photographed in their favourite places (in castles, museums, abbey libraries, at old trees, etc.)
  • 1 exclusive interview with Luca Pianca
  • 1 exclusive interview Wolfgang Mitterer
  • Going with the morning and Bach’s ‘coffee aria’: 1 coffee and 1 breakfast recipe

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