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Early and New Music at its Finest


Where music and fairytales
are at home

Just like the old fairytale books say:

good things come in threes.

And it’s the same with favola in musica.


Music and fairy tales

1607 ensemble

Early & New Music at its finest!

1607 Records

Silver disc meets book craftsmanship

Glorious musical artistry, uplifting words, inspiring locations and an interweaving of artistic genres

The quest for an authentic musical language

and uncompromising artistic quality

An approaching, interweaving and meeting of opposites

Stellar moments of music

Favola in musica ('fairy tale in music') is the subtitle of Claudio Monteverdi's L'Orfeo. This seminal work and its first performance in 1607 at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua are the inspiration and name for our Verein, ensemble, label and all our projects.

Tradition and “revolution” unite in one of history’s pivotal moments.

Our crossover CD productions are a journey that leads to sacred spaces

where we can discover THE NEW IN THE OLD THE OLD IN THE NEW that which endures.

Early & New Music at its finest!
A homeland with universal character


& sacred spaces

When we talk of finding sources of inspiration or strength, we don’t just mean in terms of musical excellence, the quest for an authentic musical language and uncompromising artistic quality. For our projects we seek out sacred spaces that – like the works of Old Masters and Mistresses that our ensemble crafts in sound – have been energising and calming people for centuries.

Culinary delights

Music for all senses

Freshly baked music meets ‘reading hunger’

& creativity

Sweet sounds meet the finest flavour notes.


Favola in Musica.
Musik- und Kulturverein
Karnberg 14
A – 9556 Liebenfels

T: +43 699 12098703