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Preparing for CD Recording

By CD Recording

Some people seem heaven-sent.
Such a person is Johann Beurer.

After an elaborate search for a mobile heater that could provide constant temperatures for our original instruments without playing havoc with their tuning as well as be absolutely silent during the CD recordings, I discovered infrared heating systems. The only church heating specialist I could initially find was in deepest North Germany, a supplier of heating systems for a number of unheated churches and museums all over Europe.

However, a functioning heating system fulfilling these parameters was essential for recording music in Magdalensberg Church in cold November! A few weeks before the start of the project, already desperately searching for solutions, I found haus-infrarotheizung. at by Mr. Beurer, offering infrared heating panels and heating mats with sophisticated installation, directly in Klagenfurt, which is even near to the Magdalensberg! Mr. Beurer was interested in supporting and collaborating with young artists with innovative ideas.

We entered a sponsoring agreement that included the renting of all materials and his work, including the delivery of panels and professional installation by himself.

The approximately 6 m2 of recording space was preheated with the panels and monitored automatically via the Internet, where all heating values were available. Mr Beurer did not rent us any cheap stuff, but completely new infrared heating panels and heating mats, only the best of the best.

I can warmly recommend Mr. Beuer and his power-saving and efficient technology to anyone who requires competent and expert heating for old and cold houses.

Without the help of Mr Beurer and haus-infrarotheizug. at, the CD recording would never have been possible at this time of year!

Thank you Mr. Beurer!!!

Photos in Gallery © Maria Weiss

Rehearsing for Favola

By Rehearsing

I had been looking for a rehearsal place for ”Favola in Musica. Early New Music” for quite some time.  Apart from ”geographical specifications”, such as the vicinity to the hotel, this place was to have very good acoustics to offer an alternative CD recording location, should the original instruments not tolerate the infrared heating used in the church.

The new Hörzendorf parish hall was perfect for this.

In the church-like, completely glazed room, the view is of the gentle Carinthian landscape. In the fine kitchen, we brewed our ”espressos” and discussed musical subjects during breaks.

A big thank you to Mrs. Inzinger, Mrs. Fleischhacker and the parish of Hörzendorf!

Photos in Gallery © Maria Weiss