“favola in musica. early new music” was awarded with the Ö1 Pasticcio-Preis

Pasticciopreis_logo_favola-in-musica-maria-weiss and awarded “CD of the day” of Radio Klassik



Listen to the programme of Margit Piskaty/ORF Kärnten about favola in musica (in german):

Article in “Kleinen Zeitung” about favola in musica, Maria Weiss & and our crowdfunding campaign:
Kleine Zeitung (article: Cornelia Schulze)



“favola in musica. early new music”
A cross-genre, biannual music project.

“Favola in Musica. Early New Music” is a creative music project, merging early and contemporary music in concert performances and on a CD:

 The project involves EARLY and “Early, New Music” (world first recordings and world first performances of unearthed forgotten compositions), as well as “New, Early Music” (contemporary compositions that are specially commissioned for this project and inspired by early masters).

 A converging, interweaving and encountering of opposites.

 The CD’s title “FAVOLA IN MUSICA” is taken from the subtitle of Claudio Monteverdi’s “L’Orfeo”. The CD reflects the complexity of this work:

 Monteverdi as the composer and example of an early master, who was also a modern visionary and innovator, as the artistic dimension

 Novelties: “recitarcantando”, the revoluationary “seconda practica [1]” in L’Orfeo, interwoven with traditional techniques, with a focus on the essence, “word and sound”, as the musical dimension

 Orpheus and his existential search and journey, as the spiritual dimension,

 The title in its literal and metaphoric interpretation as the visual dimension:
 fairy tales and their archetypal potential; the opening up of spaces of time, sound and experience for encounters with our primary humanity.

FAVOLA IN MUSICA as a cross-genre CD project:

Coupled with the aural, the visuals will encompass all the above-mentioned areas.

The CD booklet’s photography and graphic design will give it a fairy-tale-character, illustrating our journey into the “primary”. A music video is also planned with the same in mind. A church with special acoustic properties on top of a 1059 metres mountain, for recording the music, and an unknown castle, tucked away in a forest, as backdrop for the images, will provide the geographical context for this project: letting the old, new and what is “primary” unfold with music and images.

A number of material and immaterial final creative products are planned in biannual instalments:


Prior to the recordings and for CD release 

CD – Hardcover Digibook

A fairy-tale style booklet with photographs, illustrations and easy-to-read, exciting texts, inspired by Egon Friedell’s “A Cultural History of the Modern Age” 

Music – CD

Early & New: Music CD with world first recordings and especially commissioned contemporary compositions 

Short film/music-video

A short film/music video with the CD providing the soundtrack 

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[1] The principle of the “recitar cantando” is explained in the introduction to “Scherzi Musicali” by Giulio Cesare Monteverdi, brother of composer C.M.: ‘che l’oratione sia padrona dell’armonia e non serva’ / language be the master of harmony and not the servant. (cf. Schreiber, Ulrich. 2002. „Opera Guide for the Advanced Opera Goer. From the Beginnings to the French Revolution“. Frankfurt/Main: Bärenreiter, S. 40)

Short video-report about our first concert

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